All of our products are embedded into market leading systems (like Oracle DB). Also during the development we utilize internationally recognized tools in order to guarantee the optimal integration into your IT-infrastructure.

The Oracle Corporation, which resides in California, US, is the worldwide greatest provider for enterprise software. One of the main divisions is database development. Due to the capability and stability our software offers, the database system Oracle is integrated emphatically.

Tisoware provide since many years complete solutions for the electronic time planning industry. Developed and marketed are state-of-the-art software for the electronic personnel time recording, admission control, project time as well as factory data entry and personnel planning. Several customer projects have needed interfaces to the modules of personnel time recording and personnel data entry. These interfaces have been constructed by GSE.

Seeburger is the leading solution provider for company-wide business process integration (Integration business-to-business). Our software GSE-PPS has interfaces to the EDI - converter of Seeburger for the communication with subcontractors of the automotive industry.