As a company in the pulp and paper industry you have very special requirements to an enterprise software solution. Mostly cross software solutions of some software provider don’t meet the special needs of your industry.

Our industry specific solutions GSE-PPS and GSE-Paper are designed to include all your needs. So you are able to increase translucency and optimize your workflow.

With GSE-PPS we offer you an extensive Enterprise Resource Planning Solution, who is especially designed for the pulp and paper industry. GSE-Paper as a ERP Solution for Containerboard producer is an alternative solution for companies with small vertical range of production process.

GSE-PPS is one of the most extensive ERP development optimized for the process oriented manufacturing and especially for the Pulp and Paper industry. The software gains a maximum of transparency about all processes of your enterprise. From the customer order over the production planning and shipment up to the customer relationship management.

GSE-PAPER is a special-solution for paper producer with limited product finishing and processing. It characterizes as compact software for serial productions.

GSE-PAPER includes the modules Sales, Purchase, Materials management, easy Production planning and Factory data entry. Specific demands like roll or package inventory, recipe administration and waste-paper entry logistics are integral components of the solution.

GSE-TRIM is a powerful new developed software designed to minimize trimloss for producers of rolls or sheets. It is especially suitable for usage in the paper and metal industry. GSE-TRIM has been developed in close collaboration with Prof. Josef Kallrath, an experienced expert in the field of industrial modeling and mathematical optimization. GSE-TRIM computes cutting plans with minimal trimloss or a minimal number of pattern within seconds or minutes and enables the user to investigate alternative production scenarios